Are You Motivated to Get Healthy?

I had an amazing session with one of my clients last night. She’s been working with me for six weeks now, and she’s starting to see results.

She’s an A+ student who is making my healthy recipes, buying and eating the foods I tell her to and more importantly avoiding the unhealthy foods. She’s putting in the effort and is seeing results.

After our call, I came to an important realization for those of you out there that want to get healthy: I can give you all the advice, healthy recipes and meal ideas in the world, but you have to be at a point where you want to help yourself. I can give you a guide, check in every two weeks, but if you’re not doing your part; you won’t accomplish your goals.

How do you get to the point where you want to help yourself?

You have to be in the right mindset to succeed:

You have to be ready to quit unhealthy habits, such as smoking, or to cut certain “comfort foods,” such as sugar or fast food, that will prevent you from reaching your health goals.

You have to be motivated to get healthy.

Here’s an interesting thought: “motivation is not a personality trait. It’s situational.” (1) The girl you see jogging outside at 7 a.m. is not born with the motivation to do that. She’s in a situation that motivates her to get up when she’s half asleep, put her running shoes on and hit the pavement. It could be as simple as wanting to look good in her wedding dress or as serious as training for a marathon for cancer research. Maybe she wants to set a good example for her kids.

What situations motivate us to get healthy or lose weight?

Usually this type of motivation stems from a “rock-bottom” scenario. Perhaps you can no longer keep up when playing with your kids or you find yourself sweating or out of breath after walking up a small flight of stairs. Maybe you’re always tired or feel sick after eating. Maybe a parent or grandparent suffers from heart disease or diabetes and you want to avoid the same fate.

I often wonder when I see people at the gym or jogging outside: what’s her or his motivation?  There’s a reason they’re out there doing something to improve their health.

Think about yourself. Do you want to start living a healthy lifestyle? Are you ready to quit habits that are affecting your health? Are you in a motivating situation? If you do I can help you, but you have to want to help yourself.

A good article on motivation

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