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A Better Way to Cook: Culiniste

“A Better Way to Cook;” the tagline from Montreal-based food delivery company, Culiniste. They deliver a box of fresh ingredients to your door that contains everything you need to make 3 meals for your family. Intrigued? So was I. Continue reading

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Outdoor Living Improved

At this time of year we want, when at all possible, to be outside. After nine or 10 months of cocooning with Netflix, Twitter and Instagram, it’s time to unplug and to emerge from shadows of the family room. But a patch of grass and a picnic table won’t cut it. Continue reading

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Well-Done Wines for BBQ

by Monique Ippolito: Pairing barbecued foods with wine is as easy as lighting the grill. Grilling, whether charcoal or natural gas, adds a signature smoky taste to a meal. That’s what you’re looking for in your wine as well. Continue reading

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In Step with Tradition

Sheela Chandrashekar has spent over three decades nurturing Indian classical dance | by Bhavana Gopinath Continue reading

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Plus One: Adapting to a Bigger Brood

by Alyssa Delle Palme

When I found out I was pregnant with my second child, the first thing I did was buy my firstborn, Henry, a big brother T-shirt. I was thrilled to be expecting again and I wanted my son to feel special and share in my excitement. It took me by surprise when I suddenly started to feel guilty about my pregnancy. Continue reading

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Funcore or hardcore, 5K Foam Fest no obstacle to adventure

by Lynn Rees Lambert | A million and a half cubic feet of foam is a lot of white stuff. And all the better to zip through. At least that’s what thousands of Canadians—from fitness buffs to adventure-seeking families—have discovered when they’ve run headlong into a pit of foam and slid down a 55-foot inflatable slide. Continue reading

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Product Review: Viva Liberata

Viva Liberata Product Review: Self Tanning Night Moisture Mask, pHenomenal 2 – 3 Week Tan Lotion,Tanning Mitt Continue reading

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The Best of You-Time at Tay River Reflections

Slice of heaven outside Perth offers spa, fitness, relaxation and wellness. Continue reading

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Finding Balance

by Chris Reed

Parenting is a tricky business. Just when you think you’ve found the answer to something, in comes a curveball to muck it all up. Continue reading

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Ottawa Gardening 101

Are you capable of killing impatiens with just a glance (plus full sun and zero water)? You, too, can flex your green thumb and—slowly, carefully—transform your grass into a garden. Mary Ann Van Berlo of Master Gardeners of Ottawa-Carleton provides expert answers to common questions. Continue reading

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