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Parrots are Wild Animals

Animal Chatter By Iris Winston Photo: Not always a fit for domestic pets If you are thinking about owning a parrot as a pet, think again. Or, at least think long and hard and be fully aware of the … Continue reading

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Spring Fashion

Birding By Brian Morin Nature’s colour parade Mother Nature was the original creator of the spring fashion show, but she did things a little different. Rather than focusing on female attire, her emphasis was on how good the males look … Continue reading

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What Kind of Heater is Best to Keep Baby’s Room Warm and Safe?

  Description: What type of heater is best for the baby’s room? Find the answer in our post! We’ll arm you with knowledge, save a lot of your time and headaches, and prevent you from buying the wrong product. Scroll … Continue reading

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Respect; You get what you give

Animal Chatter By Iris Winston As soon as Marnie, my Irish Setter, and I returned home after finishing a few errands, she raised her head and sniffed the air. Then she ran around, barking as she checked every room, looking … Continue reading

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Snowsuits for adults?

If you’ve ever been jealous of the one-piece snowsuits kids get to wear to keep warm when they’re out playing in the snow for hours on end, then the Selk’Bag is just what you need to join in the fun. … Continue reading

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Clean easier with steam

Typically steam cleaners have been heavy duty affairs and require toxic chemicals to work well, but this new super light weight Shark Steam Mop bucks the trend by using only plain water to sanitize and safely clean all your floor … Continue reading

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Become a master chef at home

We’re making a lot more meals at home these days, so why not go full-on gourmet and invest in the kind of tools to help you master those culinary skills with a chef’s precision? Try out the new Ninja™ Foodi™ … Continue reading

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Meet your new best self-cleaning buddy

Marvel at the modern age of AI in housekeeping when you take this nifty robot vac for a spin. It not only speaks to you but self-cleans after every tour, so you’ll only need empty the canister occasionally. You control … Continue reading

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Sue Holloway Four-time cross-country skiing olympian

High Achievers By Martin Cleary Holloway remembers her introduction to snow, cold, and skis, as if it were yesterday. Simply, she detested it. For her parents, Maurice and Thea, alpine skiing seemed to be the most logical way to enjoy … Continue reading

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How to Prepare for College as a Single Parent

While being a parent is one of the greatest joys in life, preparing for college as a single parent can be a difficult and stressful process. While you need to get organized and dedicate time to the preparation process, your … Continue reading

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