Baby Proofing 101


As expectant parents, it may be difficult to believe that the little growing baby you are carrying right now will soon be a rambunctious walker who spends their days toddling around the house looking for things to get into.

In order to make sure that your house is as safe as possible for your newest family member, it’s important to baby proof several rooms and areas. Because time will be tight once you have your baby, you might want to tackle these important projects now.

Install Safety Latches

Even young babies have a knack for opening up cabinets and getting into things. As WebMD notes, to keep your baby as safe as possible, install magnetic safety latches on all of your kitchen cabinets and drawers. In addition to keeping curious kiddos out of your cabinets, the magnetic locks do not require any tools to install them; all that you need is adhesive tape. To be on the safe side, remove anything harmful from low-to-the-ground cabinets and keep these items locked up in a high location.

Consider Toilet Locks

Babies’ noggins are huge in proportion to the rest of their bodies; this makes them very top heavy and more likely to lean and fall into an open toilet. While you probably have every intention of watching your baby 24/7, it can be difficult to keep tabs on a speedy toddler. Take the time to install toilet locks and start getting used to them now, while you are still expecting. The locks will help ensure that the toilet lids stay down and young kiddos will not fall in and drown. Also, get in the habit now of unplugging and putting away your hair dryers, curling irons and electric shavers when they are not in use; this will prevent your future walker from reaching up and grabbing something hot or sharp.

Install Security Cameras

If you don’t have a security camera already, you might consider purchasing and installing one both inside and outside your home. Having a high-quality security camera in place can help give you an added sense of safety, and thanks to the innovative types of security cameras that are now available, it is easier than ever to keep tabs on what is going on inside and around your house. Opt for Wi-Fi security cameras that are easy to install and connect to your home’s wireless network. If you are rocking your baby to sleep and hear an odd noise outdoors, you can use your smartphone to check the outside camera. You can also use the security cameras to help keep an extra eye on your toddler; as your kiddo gets old enough to play on his or her own for awhile, you can make sure your walker is safe in the playroom or the nursery from another part of the house.

Put Away Small Items

As My Health notes, look around your home and see how many small items you have lying around — and then put them away to prevent your baby from choking on them. This includes the coins you casually drop in the bowl on the coffee table, the rubber band that is around your daily paper, paper clips on your desk and other things that a curious baby will put in their mouth. Get into the habit now of looking for and moving anything that can be a choking hazard.

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