Bilingual learning at Westboro Academy

Located at 200 Brewer Way, Westboro Academy is a co-ed, bilingual, private elementary

Meg Garrard

school that’s been established since 1993. Its director, Meg Garrard, answers some questions about what happens at this educational setting.

What do Westboro Academy’s summer camps offer for youngsters?

Westboro Academy’s Fun in French Camp offers children the opportunity to learn and practice their French in a setting that is fun and engaging. Often they hardly realize what they are learning because they are having so much fun! It is structured as a bilingual program. The intensive French classes are more focused on skill building and developing specific oral and comprehension skills. It is a real confidence-booster for children when they go back to school [since] they have improved their French significantly over the summer, while some of their peers have not had the same opportunities.

Do kids have to have some French language skills to attend?

No, the children do not need to have any experience with French. Children who attend the camp come with a variety of skills and experience. Some children are Francophone and are fluent in French, while others have little or no experience. We cater our program to meet the needs of all of these children. The French lessons for Fun in French are delivered to groups of students based on their different levels of ability, and by age.

What is the age range for attendance?

We offer two types of summer camp experience. The Fun in French Camp is a full day program for children eligible to enter Kindergarten, up to age nine. Our Intensive French option is for half days only and is catered to children entering Grades 4, 5 and 6.

What is the difference between the half-day and full-day programs?

The half-day program is designed specifically for the older elementary aged child. Children who are entering French Immersion programs, or who need refreshers and practice with their French can take these intensive half-day programs. The full-day program for the younger children is designed as a bilingual camp with a mixture of French instruction and active, outdoor and creative fun!

Are lessons and activities the same each week? 

While the general character of the camp remains constant over the summer, there are new themes and activities each week. The main objectives for the camp do not change each week, but the experiences do. This means that we have some children that attend for only one week or two weeks, and others that come for the summer!






What distinguishes Westboro Academy from other bilingual education settings?

Westboro Academy is a truly bilingual school in a familial setting. We foster close relationships with all of the children and their families. Each person is treated as an individual and his or her specific needs get attention. We care about each other here in a way that is unique. Also, the quality of French is simply outstanding. All of our French teachers are Francophone and have an approach and depth of experience that is unmatched. Our commitment to excellence sets us apart.

To whom does the school cater?

The school is an ideal setting for children and families who value bilingualism and community. Families in search of an independent school that provides a superior academic and character education for their children would be interested. The school can cater to all kinds of learners, but above all, this is a bilingual, academic and community-based school.

How would you describe the school environment?

A strong community and a priority on bilingualism are the hallmarks of our school. Westboro has high standards for academics as well as for character development. It is a challenging environment in which children are nurtured to reach their full potential and to achieve excellence. The school pillars of Excellence, Integrity, and Respect guide our community. The children excel in the enriched academic programs where everyone has a place and a voice.

What is the approach to education?

We have high expectations of our students, and we know that they will become the leaders of the future. The children are recognized as being individuals who are functioning in a wider community. We believe that developing critical thinking skills, communication skills, and innovative team approaches to problem solving will prepare students for the challenges of the future. Our students gain a mix of traditional basic skills and applications in their learning. We recognize that partnering with parents and families is a critical part of a child’s education, and we work hard to establish open and two-way communication at all times in order to maximize this potential.

What should people know about Westboro Academy?

Westboro Academy is an independent, bilingual Kindergarten to Grade 8 school. Located in Brewer Park near Carleton University, we have access to outstanding facilities to enrich our program. Our reputation for excellence in education is well earned, and our bilingual program is unsurpassed. If you are interested in learning more about the school, or in booking a tour, please visit or call Kim Bourgeois at 613 737-9543.



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