Buy Local

When produce travels thousands of miles or is stored for long periods of time; it loses about 50% of its vitamins & minerals. When we buy local produce we’re getting a more nutritious product and supporting our farmers.

So you’re probably asking yourself; what about the pesticides? I recently contacted an Issues Communication Manager from the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (to get more info on organic vs. conventional Canadian beef for a future post) and she provided me with a ton of information on organic and conventional practices in Canada.

One of the websites I found helpful was the info on “Pesticides & Pest Management” from Health Canada’s site. Canada has strict rules & regulations in place when it comes to pesticide use on our food;

“Health Canada regulates pesticides under the Pest Control Products Act (PCPA) and its Regulations. Under this Act, pesticides must be registered before they can be used in Canada.

Before any pesticide can be registered in Canada, Health Canada must review the scientific information to make sure that it has value and there are no health environmental concerns related to its use.

The Government of Canada uses compliance and enforcement activities to make sure producers properly use and apply pesticides and respect established residuelimits.”

It’s reassuring to know that if you can’t afford to buy organic produce year-round, you can buy local, Canadian produce when it’s in season with confidence.

Lately I’ve been enjoying Ontario cherry tomatoes, cucumber, celery, broccoli & peaches, but there is a lot of produce in season right now. Check out Foodland Ontario’s list of seasonal produce to find out what’s local & available right now!

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