Newborn Baby

New sleep guideline says back is best for baby

“A lot of myths and misunderstanding about the best way to position a baby still exist, and we hope this guideline will lay the debate to rest,” says nurse practitioner Elyse Maindonald, who led the panel of experts that created the guideline. Continue reading

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Green Baby Bums: Diapers for Eco-Parents

While there’s no simple solution to the diapering dilemma, three kids and some 15,000 diaper changes have taught me there are a number of alternatives for environmentally conscious parents.
Contributed By: Tovah Paglaro, David Suzuki’s Queen of Green

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Frost Warning

Taking your little one out during the cold winter months can be a challenge thanks to snowsuits and hats and mitts — but the work doesn’t end there. Continue reading

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Oh Baby!

Fun gift ideas for the wee ones; The Sleep ‘n Cuddle Wrap and  Tail Wags helmet covers Continue reading

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Are you a #zombiemom?

“She was up every two hours.” “He’s getting his days and nights mixed up.” Sound familiar? If you’re a mom with a baby, you may have said this yourself. You may also have wondered when you’ll ever get a full … Continue reading

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Making Room for Baby

Tips for creating the perfect nursery

Decorating for newborn or a child on the way can be one of the most exciting tasks in the early days of parenthood. But while it’s satisfying, parents can often be overwhelmed by choices. They don’t need to be. It’s all about baby steps. Continue reading

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Oh baby, it’s hot out there…..

Here comes the sun! Don’t forget to protect wee ones from harmful rays, even on these unseasonably warm spring days Continue reading

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