Toddlers at the Restaurant Table

If you happen to be sitting at a table near Nash Patrick, a certain chubby-cheeked, brown-eyed fellow perched in a highchair, prepare to duck. Food can fly while in the bowl. When there’s cutlery within reach, well, you’ve been warned. The young man about town may have a future in shot put or discus. Continue reading

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Is Your Preschooler Go Go Going Enough?

It may seem like they never stop, but new guidelines say less sitting, more moving is needed for kids aged one to four

In fact, they suggest preschoolers spend 73 to 84 per cent of their waking hours sedentary. Can it be true? Are they spending way too much time in the stroller and the highchair, in front of the T.V. and in our arms being carried?
Who knew? Continue reading

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Tiptoeing Through the Milestones

Understanding Motor Development
By Doris Ohlmann

“Come on, come on, you can do it,” my four year- old son squeals as he wiggles a colourful, stuffed snake toy at his creeping little sister. She has been trying to keep up with him all afternoon as he trails one toy after another in front of her like a tantalizing prize to be won if she reaches him before he turns and, with a giggle, leads her in another direction. Continue reading

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Fussy Eaters

Whether it’s a control issue, a taste issue or the influence of peers when a child starts to go to school or eat meals at a friend’s house, fussy eating is a challenge for most parents at some point in their child’s early years. Continue reading

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