Cold Fx Extra Strength

COLD-FX Extra 45 capsulesFeel a sniffle? Tickle in your throat? That achy feeling in your bones that can only mean one thing? Oh no, you’re getting a cold! It’s cold and flu season, so this year why not ward off that cold before it gets up your nose? Cold-FX is the number 1 selling adult cold remedy and is clinically proven to reduce frequency, severity and duration of cold and flu symptoms.

Now with Cold-FX Extra, you can have a daily defense against cold and flu by strengthening your immune system. It has 50% more of the patented active ingredient that makes Cold-FX work so well, so you’ll be sure to dodge that cold before it catches you. And with only 1-2 pills to take a day, it makes using Cold-FX Extra simple and convenient.

Be sure to read the product information before taking this medication.

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