Dad Time: Fun Activities to Do with the Kids

As a dad, you stay plenty busy juggling the responsibilities of work, fatherhood and house-related chores. Between putting in long hours at the office and trying to get though your endless to-do list, you might feel like it’s hard to spend meaningful time with your kids.

Fortunately, there are plenty of activities that you can do with your kids that are not only memorable, but can fit into your busy schedule.


Find your green thumb

Most kids love digging in the dirt and planting seeds. You can cultivate — no pun intended — this interest by working with your kids on a garden. Have the kids help you research what types of flowers, veggies and fruit grow well in your area. Then, create the garden in your backyard by either digging up a small space or purchasing a variety of containers. Head to the local gardening store with your kids and have each one select one to three seeds or plants, then help them sow the seeds or get the plants into the ground. Creating a garden with your kids is also a great way to teach them about organic foods and responsibility. When it’s time to harvest your fruits and veggies, you can spend more time with your kids using the harvest in your favorite recipes.

Make your own movie

If your kiddos are entrenched in a superhero phase, suggest making your own movie that allows all of you to be your favorite characters. Visit MorphCostumes for costume ideas — the website has a wide selection of superhero costumes for adults and kids, including Avengers characters, Batman, Robin, Spiderman and more. While you are waiting for your order to arrive, work with your kids on your movie’s plot and script; it doesn’t have to be anything elaborate or formal. Once your costumes arrive, spend an afternoon filming the action and then edit it all together to something you will watch over and over and cherish for years.

Teach them how to barbecue

If your kids are a little older, teach them all about the joys of cooking over a fire. Even teenagers who typically would rather do anything other than hang with their dads will enjoy learning how to barbecue the perfect steak or burger. Head to the store with your kiddos and have them select which cuts of meat they want to grill, and then show them the best ways to tenderize and marinate the meat. Then, take them out back and show them how to safely start the grill, know when it’s ready to go and how long to grill the meat. If your kids aren’t into burgers or steaks, research how to cook other foods over an open flame and create memorable pizzas, grilled cheese sandwiches and pineapple slices.

Remodel their rooms

A wonderful activity for dads to do with their kids involves remodeling their rooms. In many cases, it doesn’t have to be a costly or time-consuming experience. For example, a couple of gallons of paint and a few hours are often all you need to transform a room. Spend some time with your kiddos emptying out their rooms as much as possible and help them decide what they want to keep and what they can donate. Then, head to the home improvement store together and have them select the colors that they love. Remember, even the brightest colors can always be painted over later. Once the paint is dry, put the remaining items back in and suggest new ways to arrange the furniture.

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