Earth Day: Green Your Ottawa Commute


Are you a VGP? VGPs are Very Green People and you, too, can be one. Today is Earth Day and it’s the perfect time to earn your VGP chops by committing to greening your commute in Ottawa.

That means hop on the bus, Gus. Ride your bike, Ike. Use your feet, Pete and join the car pool, Jules.

Clean Your Commute is the Earth Day theme for 2015. And you can actually win prizes by acting, posting, and sharing your clean commute on Earth Day Every Day.

Launching today, Earth Day Every Day is a new mobile-friendly platform that supports your commitment to getting green. Not only does it track your carbon headway, it also inspires you to share and be recognized for your accomplishments.

When you sign up for Earth Day Every Day, you can sign an Earth Flag that’s going in December to Paris, where a new international climate agreement will be signed by 196 countries. The Earth Flag will show the world Canadians’ resolve to do their part to reduce carbon emissions.

And if you head, virtually, to the Earth Day 2015 website, you’ll find 25 ways to clean your commute, no gas tank required.

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