Embrace Baby Belly and Show it Some Love

baby belly

Sarah Hampel is a mother of three.

After the crib, stroller and diaper bag have been in storage for a few years, there might come a time when you ask, “Is this it … or do we have another one?”
You could be 30, 35, 40 or older, with a biological clock ticking extra loudly, as well as a kid in soccer and another one finishing kindergarten.

When you do decide to have another baby, and those two pink lines appear, it’s a big deal. Sarah Hampel knows all about it. As a mother of three, she’s been there, done that.

In her words, “The first weeks pass by (oh so slowly) and next thing you know, your belly has popped and your clothes don’t fit.”

For some women, this is a thrill. The opportunity to go out and shop for maternity clothing is a pleasure. For others, the prospect is less exciting, she admits. “Maybe money is tight. Maybe you don’t like the styles available. Maybe, since this is your last pregnancy, you’re not sure you can justify the expense. Whatever the reason, I know a lot of women who are of the mindset that spending money on maternity clothes is not worth it.

“I really can’t say that I blame them. After three pregnancies, I have experienced my fair share of frustrations while shopping for maternity wear. For me, finding stylish maternity pieces was a challenge. The selection was limited and frumpy. The quality wasn’t always worth the price. And more often than not, the items I did buy (especially those from bigger box stores) didn’t even hold up for an entire pregnancy!”

That’s why Sarah opened Maman Chic, a maternity and nursing boutique in her Aylmer home, as well as an online store, www.mamanchic.com. “I know firsthand how important it is to feel good while growing a baby. And comfortable maternity clothing can totally help with that,” she explains. These days, she adds, there are several maternity brands that offer quality, versatile clothing that will keep you feeling and looking great from the beginning to the end of your pregnancy—and beyond.

baby belly

She lists a few reasons why maternity clothing is worth the investment, even when it’s absolutely your last nine-month stint:

“Maternity clothes are designed specifically to fit your changing body. They’re stretchy and more often than not they have ruching, which means ultimate comfort. You can embrace that belly and show it some love!

You’ll feel better about yourself. Maternity clothes flatter and accentuate your new curves in a way that regular clothing can’t. (Hint: a classic fitted black dress is a great place to start.)

You don’t have to invest in a completely new wardrobe. Before buying, take a look at your closet and decide what key maternity pieces would offer the most value and versatility. Neutrals tend to be better choices, as they can easily be paired with your non-maternity items such as blazers and cardigans, and you can wear them several times a week without it being obvious.

Your body won’t immediately return to its pre-pregnancy shape after the baby is born. Three pregnancies have taught me to be patient and to enjoy the process. If you take time choosing maternity clothing you really love, you probably won’t be in such a hurry to squeeze back into non-maternity items.

Maternity clothing can be incorporated into your forever wardrobe. An increasing number of brands, including many I carry at Maman Chic Boutique, are designing maternity clothing to last far beyond the third trimester. This makes the investment a lot more appealing.”

You can book a personal shopping consultation with Sarah. Call 613 799-6649 and see www.mamanchic.com.


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