Expert Tips for Family Halloween Fun



Create New Traditions With These Seasonal Ideas From the Pros

For most kids, Halloween is typically about trick-or-treating and trying to get as much candy as possible. But parents may be more focused on making memories and establishing family traditions. Thanks to the help from a trio of experts, it is possible to throw a fabulous Halloween party or add some family activities to the Halloween season that are sure to be a hit.

Carve Pumpkins With Martha Stewart

Most kids love carving pumpkins. Not only is the activity inherently messy but kids can create their own spooky or funny faces on the pumpkin. If your kids are too young to do the carving themselves or if you want something a little less messy, think about an alternative as shown by Martha Stewart.

Set out a variety of pumpkins that have not been hollowed out as well as several different kinds of candy like small marshmallows, gumdrops and thin black licorice ropes. Then, let your kids get busy creating candy faces on their pumpkins (the mini marshmallows make a terrific set of teeth). The candy can be stuck to the pumpkins with a small amount of frosting. Plus, unlike the carved pumpkins that will start to rot within a few days, the candy-covered pumpkins will last much longer and can be used to decorate the house.

Play Games With Kraft

If you are hosting a party or just want to do some fun Halloween games with your kids, the Kraft website offers a plethora of amazing ideas. Older kids will love “Guess the Monster Parts,” for example. Collect a number of boxes with lids, and cut a hole in each lid that will accommodate a kid’s hand. Then, fill the bowls with “monster parts” including spaghetti as ghoul intestines, grapes as monster eyeballs, bell pepper halves as spooky ears and Jell-O as squishy hearts. Have the kids take turns reaching inside the boxes to guess which monster parts are kept within.

Another fun game idea is pumpkin bowling. Use six empty, plastic soda bottles for the pins, and decorate them with Halloween stickers. Then, buy some mini pumpkins, take the stems off, set up the pins and have a fun Halloween-themed game of bowling.

Decorate With Oprah

For various occasions, you probably bring out certain plates and serving pieces—like the ceramic bowl with embossed leaves that you use every Thanksgiving to serve your famous green bean casserole. To help add a touch of tradition to Halloween, Oprah suggests purchasing some plates, serving utensils and other decorations that you and your kids can look forward to using year after year. Look for items like skeleton hand servers, mugs with witch designs on them or ceramic plates covered with pumpkin or ghost motifs that can be used every Halloween season to serve pumpkin waffles and other Halloween-themed dishes. Since most major retailers have a pretty good Halloween section during September and October, keep your eyes peeled for serving items and other accessories that you can use again and again.

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