Exploring Children’s World Through Magic of Yoga


A day for showing affection, offering attention, sharing special emotions.
A day for red attire, colourful stickers, beautiful flowers.
A day to snuggle, to enjoy mommy’s cuddles.

By Catherine Lesage

In Littlefeet Yoga® classes, we explore love through play and creativity, providing meaningful movement experiences that engage our whole selves while honouring who we are: social, curious, kinaesthetic, imaginative.

We share our smiles, we colour our wings, we open our hearts by becoming animals stretching up to the sky: hissing snakes, mooing cows, elephants showering themselves with their trunks. And we wonder…. what is the color of love?

Green = Love’s energy!

Green is the color of transformation, expansion, compassion, connection. Green is the color of growth, life, balance. Green is soothing and calming like nature, trees, grass. Green brings us h”OM”e in the heart, where love expands through air, takes flight, soars free and light. So we play yoga and transform ourselves with partners.

For children, play is freeing, play is fun, play is light. Play allows them to believe they can fly, to believe they can touch the sky. Play lies deep in their hearts and makes them glow. And when they glow, they grow.

Let’s soar together and connect through our hearts, beginning with a smile. Invite yourself and your children to play and fly like butterflies.

Fly High Butterfly: Open your hearts, lift your legs, connect your feet and flap your wings (open/close legs at the same time). Every time your stretch your wings with children, you plant a seed of love.









On this Valentine’s Day and on all other days, may you be happy, may you be
 healthy, may you dwell in your hearts and may you hearts flower!


Catherine Lesage is the creative founder of Littlefeet Yoga® and play”full” author of the Little SuperYogis. She first shared yoga with children in 2001 as a kindergarten teacher and created Littlefeet Yoga® in 2006. It’s a bilingual and creative movement company connecting families and children through mindful movement, play, creativity and cooperation for health, happiness and connectedness. After years of teaching yoga for children, Catherine now shares yoga with children. In 2012, she created the Little SuperYogis, a series of interactive yoga resources co-created with children to reach families wherever they are.

See www.littlefeetyoga.com and soon www.littlesuperyogis.com for details.


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