Fabulous Moms

From Ordinary to Extraordinary
by Loukia Zigoumis

Life changes dramatically once you become a mom. It’s an incredibly amazing change, and yet there are things we complain about as mothers. Lack of sleep is one of them. Having to constantly pick up after children is another. Then there’s the fact we do never-ending loads of laundry while helping the children with homework, cooking dinner, preparing lunches for the next day, organizing birthday parties, making beds, hosting play dates, cheering on our children at the soccer field or swimming pool, making child-care arrangements, reading, playing, singing, stepping on LEGO, rushing to work, baking cupcakes at midnight and wiping behinds. It goes on all day long. Is it any wonder we forget to take care of ourselves? This is a great time of year to remember — and to treat ourselves well.

Like you, these four local women spend their days doing what they do best — mothering. On a recent Saturday, they were treated to an afternoon of pampering, including new hair colour and styles, as well as makeup. Next they slipped into evening outfits and accessories from Laura, Laura Petites for a photo session with fashion photographer Tina Picard. They got the royal treatment at Byblos Hair Salon and enjoyed a well-deserved mommakeover experience.

Suzanne Steele
has two boys, Henry, 7, and George, 8 months. As a single mom, she’s been able to achieve some balance by learning to ask for help (her mom is great at answering the call), cutting out things that aren’t important, carving out time for friends and keeping fit. “I run,” she says. “I just put my shoes on and go — rain, snow or shine. I was able to do a half marathon three months after having George.” Suzanne has also figured out how to multitask while relaxing: sometimes she reads and has a glass of wine while having a hot bath. Her makeover was another fun boost. “Loved trying something different and getting a fresh look,” she says.





Gina Mertikas-Lavictoire
is mom to Katerina, 2, and James, 1, and works at the Department of Foreign Affairs. It’s busy. “I don’t get home until 5:30. By the time we have dinner, do our night-time routine, it’s almost 9 p.m.,” she explains. Gina makes time during the day to work out so she can stay energized to keep up with the kids and set a good example. Thanks to “fantastic family support” she is also able to take part in weekly volleyball games and see friends. “It truly does take a village to raise children,” she says. And sometimes a girls-only afternoon in the spotlight helps too. “They put some nice low-lights in my hair, getting it ready for the season,” Gina says of her new ’do.





Areti Trigylidas
works as a pharmacist and she’s a mom of two girls, Ellyana, 18 months, and Zoe, 5 months. “Before having kids, I always seemed to be in a rush and lived life at a fast pace,” she explains. “Now I’m lucky if I can make it anywhere on time. It was really tough for me to slow down and have my daily routine dictated by my babies’ needs.” While she tries to work out two or three times a week and the whole family eats healthy, home-cooked meals, Areti says “me time” is hard to come by. That’s why her makeover was so welcome. “What a great way to make a mom feel sexy and revived,” she says.





Micha Hage-Badr
works full time and is the mother of two boys, Patrick, 9, and Christopher, 6. She stays fit by going to the gym and joining her kids in biking, walking and even dancing at home. In her spare time, she enjoys shopping and getting together with girlfriends. “I don’t have much time to relax,” she admits. “If I can afford time to relax, I sleep.” Instead, at least for an afternoon, Micha sat back and let expert stylists take care of her — with striking results. “I like it a lot,” she says of her new look.



Get the look:
Hair and makeup by Byblos Salon www.byblossalon.com
Evening clothes and accessories from Laura, Laura Petites at Place D’Orléans www.laura.ca
Fashion photography by Tina Picard www.tinapicard.com

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