Fight Flu Hotspots in the Home

Fitting cleaning into a hectic family schedule can be a challenge—but during winter months it’s essential to help control the spread of germs and the influenza virus. A virus can survive on surfaces like faucets, the fridge, doorknobs, telephones and children’s toys so it’s important to keep your house clean, especially in high traffic areas. “Like all moms, I want to keep my family healthy and one of the best ways is to make sure my home is clean and disinfected,” says Sarah Morgenstern, founder of, one of Canada’s top websites for helping women manage modern-day motherhood.

Morgenstern suggests that Canadian families should be especially vigilant during flu season, “We all have a role to play in helping to prevent the spread of the flu during the heavy flu season from November to April.” Her advice to moms: think about items in your home that your family touches frequently and keep them disinfected and clean. Some of her favourite flu prevention tools that she keeps handy for this important task are the disinfectant liquids and sprays from Mr. Clean.

Here are areas to watch and wash:

• Toys—especially if young children are placing them in their mouths, be sure to wash toys with soap and water.

• Television remote controls—because everyone in the family likes to have their hands on these.

• Telephones and cell phones—most family members use the telephone on a daily basis—especially land lines. Add another step to your cleaning routing by giving telephone receivers a thorough wipe with a disinfectant liquid.

• Faucets—after washing, wipe and dry hands gently with a paper towel or a clean towel. Then, use the same towel to turn off the tap so you don’t re-contaminate your hands. Go the extra mile and give faucets a wipe with disinfectant liquid at least twice a week to keep them germ free.

• Toothbrushes—keep extra toothbrushes in the house in case someone gets sick and needs a new one.

For hard surfaces such as door knobs, counters and floors, Morgenstern recommends choosing a cleaner like Mr. Clean with Febreze freshness disinfectant liquid which disinfects and smells good, so you’re not discouraged from cleaning often. For more helpful tips and tools to keep your home clean, visit

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