Flowtron Mosquito PowerTrap

Enjoy the outdoors all year round! Eliminate potentially dangerous mosquitoes and annoying biting flies from your patio, deck, yard, tennis court, ball field, waterfront, boat dock – any area up to an acre.

Flowtron’s PowerTrap is effective and safe, and easy to operate and maintain. Features include exclusive “set and forget” operation, special LED motion lighting, powerful vacuum action and patented non-clogging system.


  • No open flame
  • No net to empty
  • No sticky panels to replace
  • 4 pulsating ultra bright LED lights
  • Pateneted “forever clean” pulsating valve
  • Automatic restart after power failure
  • Unit automatically starts when outside temperature reaches 30 degrees Celsius (when mosquitos become active)

For More information check out www.flowtron.com

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