Free Lecture: Raise a Healthy Baby



Do you have a young baby or plans to have kids? If so, you’ll want to attend a free public seminar that’s taking place May 31 from  7 to 9 p.m. at St. Paul’s Anglican Church in Kanata. This event is being supported by the Western Ottawa Community Resource Centre and the speaker will be Dr. Paul Roumeliotis, a prominent  Canadian pediatrician and health educator.

Dr. Paul says providing your baby with the best beginning possible will help ensure a long and healthy life.

He’s the author of Baby Comes Home: A Parent’s Guide to a Healthy & Well First 18 Months.  You can find out more about him at According to his website, “Dr. Paul is the founder and former director of the Montreal Children’s Hospital Pediatric Consultation and Asthma Centres. He is an adjunct professor of pediatrics and former director of Multi-Format Health Communications for the Faculty of Medicine at McGill University in Montreal… He also holds a Masters of Public Health degree from Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health where he is an Associate faculty member. His specific interest and focus is on early child development support and its effects over the course of a lifetime.”

May 31, he’ll explain how what happens early on in life affects a person’s overall health decades down the road. Pediatrician Dr. Paul will also share why the first eighteen months of a child’s life can set their wellness path.

If you’re a first-time parent or about to be one, you’re probably like a lot of people: not quite sure exactly what to do to ensure your precious bundle of joy gets the best possible care and start in life. Breast or bottle? Cloth or disposable? Pick him up instantly or let him try and self-regulate? Get the facts from the guy who wrote the book on this subject.

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