Frost Warning

Taking your little one out during the cold winter months can be a challenge thanks to snowsuits and hats and mitts — but the work doesn’t end there.

When you are out enjoying the fresh snow and cold temperatures, be extra vigilant with your baby’s skin. Babies can get frostbite much faster than adults, partially because they lose heat from their skin more quickly than grownups. Add to this the fact that a baby being carried in your arms or in a stroller doesn’t generate much body heat, and you will want to make sure you don’t keep them out in the cold for long lengths of time.

Be vigilant for signs of frostnip — a lesser form of frostbite. It usually appears first on the areas most exposed to wind and cold and on the extremities, like fingers, toes and ears, and turns the skin white or blue-white. If that is the case with your little one, get inside and warm up as soon as possible.

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