Fun with…Kids in the Capital

Ottawa and its surrounding area has a wealth of family friendly things to do, but how do you know if they are appropriate for your children?

Kids in the Capital ( is a community-based blog designed to help parents share the things they love to see and do with their kids. Posts are review-based anecdotes on things that other parents have done with their kids, along with a bio that shares the age of the kids involved. Find out about museums — all of the Ottawa Museum’s have been profiled at some point, including the Children’s Museum, the Aviation Museum and the War Museum — and the great child-focused services around town like Kid Kaf, Melonhead and Two Monkeys. Meanwhile, Kids in the Capital’s Facebook page ( posts all the new blog posts, as well as fun community events and discussions.

You can also check out Kids in the  Capital has a closed Facebook Group ( that everyone is welcome to join. It is a safe and supportive environment to discuss parenting issues with other parents. Topics range from fun activities, to worries and concerns and requests for advice.

Kids in the Capital runs occasional meet-ups, some with kids and some just for the parents. The family activities are often at locations in the Ottawa area that parents love, like MacKenzie King Estate, Starr Gymnastics and at various parks. The parent only meet-ups are usually in a pub where parents can have an evening out —with no children — with a group of people who understand what their lives are like.

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