Get Your Child Engaged In Learning

Have you ever wondered if it’s just you? Well it is! Every brain is wired differently but we can train our brains to work better.

Learn more at a free information session on getting your child engaged in learning.

The Ottawa-Carleton District School Board is hosting an evening with John Antonetti, a former director of K-12 curriculum in the Sheridan School District in Arkansas. Mr. Antonetti uses humour and storytelling in his presentation to teach us how we might influence the way we teach our children and the way we work.


An engaged learner masters more content and develops deeper skill sets. Even more important, students who can articulate their own thinking become better problem solvers in their academic work and the real world.


Mr. Antonetti takes us on a journey through the latest brain research in an entertaining, interactive workshop that incorporates strategy, thinking and engagement. It’s truly a three-dimensional approach to looking at what makes each of our children unique.


Mr. Antonetti is a supporter of experiential education and acknowledges that all learners learn best when they work together to solve real world problems in safe, cooperative environments.

His wit and parables are recognized by teachers, administrators and parents as pertinent examples of the power of teachers. He simply believes that we are designed to never stop learning and exploring.


What: Speaker’s Series – a free workshop for parents/guardians in an informal group setting

Who: John Antonetti – Engaging Tasks – Getting your child engaged in learning

When: Wednesday, November 13. No registration required

Where: Confederation Education Centre, Library Room 121, 1645 Woodroffe Avenue at Hunt Club.

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