Go Ottawa! To The Dogs…

For Some Exercise, Free Fun and a Howlingly Entertaining Time, Take a Walk on the Wild Side – at One of the City’s Dog Parks! 
Have your ever been to Conroy Pit? Bruce Pit?  Dogs think they’re Disneyland East and West. At these off-leash sites, canines come in all sizes and styles of cuteness to sniff, scratch and play, play, play while humans get to watch the happy-dog dancing and antics… 

Located on Cedarview Road north of Hunt Club Road in the city’s west end, Bruce Pit is a great place for dog lovers, dog owners and families.

See a two-pound Chihuahua with major chutzpah put a Great Dane in his or her place. See dogs mid birthday party – complete with party hats. Watch dogs swaggering because they’re wearing their best outfits and others with giant smiles on tiny, furry faces because they are so happy to run and play.  

Even if you’re not a fan of canine companions, Bruce Pit is still a wonderful spot to bring the kids for a walk, a bike ride, a picnic or some pretend fun – from pirate treasure hunts to jungle adventures. The pit offers acres of both off-leash and on-leash green space. (They are divided, so you won’t encounter off-leash dogs unless you choose.) Both green spaces include wooded trails and open fields that are perfect for play time.

If you plan to accompany the dog, bring him or her a drink, perhaps a Frisbee and a ball, and remember a bag or two so you can stoop and scoop. There’s water on site, so you might want to avoid it if Fido is a swimmer – unless you want a wet ride home. For details, check www.brucepit.ca.

In the east end, Conroy Pit is a popular off-leash destination located on Conroy Road near Hunt Club Road. This is Doggie Central and home to several kilometres of urban forest trails and wide open areas. There are always plenty of four-legged friends to play with and furry shenanigans to enjoy here. Don’t forget water, throwing toys, poop bags and sunscreen for the humans. 

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