Healthy Baking with Bananas

The next time you’re grocery shopping, buy double the amount of bananas you normally would. Let one bunch get nice and ripe, then  pop it in the freezer.

Ripe bananas are the main ingredient in most healthy baking and desserts so I always keep a reserve on hand. Just thaw and whip up a batch of healthy muffins on Sunday for the week. Bake, freeze and grab one on your way out the door in the morning and it will be ready to eat when you get to work. You can also bake and freeze a batch of healthy cookies for a quick, good-for-you dessert.

Bananas are perfect for healthy baking because they’re a source of natural sugar so you don’t need to add any refined sugar to your baking. (White sugar is addictive, spikes your blood sugar and turns into fat.) For you vegans out there, bananas also act as a binding agent so you often don’t need to include eggs.

Here are a few of my favorite healthy banana recipes:

– Banana Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies
– Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Banana Blondies
– Healthy Cookies
– Gluten-Free Banana Walnut Coconut Muffins
– Oatmeal-to-Go Muffins
– 2-Ingredient Banana Pancakes

Happy Baking!


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