Healthy Snacking Strategy

Winter in Canada is upon us once again and colder temperatures = staying in, being less active, and eating more. Our appetites naturally increase when it’s cold in an attempt to “survive” by storing fat. This is okay, but it’s important that you reach for healthy low-calorie, high-fibre snacks if you’re feeling extra hungry.

Think about your “go-to” after-work snack. Does it consist of Tostitos and dip and a glass of red wine? If so, you may notice that you’ve gained weight or are having trouble losing it. Tostitos are high in calories and fat, and a glass of red wine is about 150 to 175 calories. If you’re having that on a regular basis during the week those extra calories will add up.

Here’s a simple tip to prevent yourself from grabbing unhealthy snacks: don’t keep unhealthy snacks and extra alcohol in the house.

Instead, buy easy, healthy snacks and drinks and make them accessible (keep them in the front of the fridge or pantry):

  • Snap peas
  • Baby carrots
  • Hummus
  • Frozen organic edamame
  • Berries
  • Apples and almond butter
  • Trail mix
  • Whole grain crackers with natural nut butter
  • Make and freeze healthy muffins on weekends for a quick healthy snack
  • Healthy microwave popcorn
  • Grapefruit perrier and 100% cranberry juice
  • Natural flavored water (try mint and raspberry, lemon or cucumber)


It’s important to treat yourself to your favorites, but in moderation. If you love chips and dip then have some, but make sure the chips are healthy choices, have salsa instead of fatty dip and choose one night a week to enjoy them. For example, I love Way Better Snacks chips and Skinny Sticks, but I still consider them a treat, and have them on a Friday or Saturday night only.


When it comes to alcohol it’s easy to get into the habit of a nightly glass of wine after work. Limit your alcohol intake to weekends and special occasions. Choose non-alcoholic options instead, and only buy wine and beer as you need them; don’t keep a large stock in the house or you’ll be more tempted to have it. Alcohol is high in calories and sugar; it’s also a toxin that clogs up your liver and affects your quality of sleep.

It’s all about getting rid of old, unhealthy snacking and drinking habits and developing new, healthy ones.

Stock up on healthy snacks and drinks instead of junk food and alcohol. If it’s not there you won’t be as tempted to have it. This new way of snacking is better for your health and your waistline.


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