Help your parents make a smart move

Worried about your parents? If they’re older and still living in the family home, this new season brings with it new hassles. The garage needs to be decluttered, the roof needs to be checked over and the eaves troughs need to be cleared out. It’s hard not to fret about dad or mom up on a ladder trying to get the jobs done—especially when they’re not so steady on their feet. In fact, their safety and welfare are apt to be ongoing concerns for the entire family. Your mom may have fallen, you may be noticing signs of cognitive decline and you may also be apprehensive about your dad’s health. Is he taking his blood pressure pills? Are they eating properly? Don’t they deserve better? After a lifetime full of responsibilities, wouldn’t it be nice for them to be carefree and to enjoy a social life? Now’s the time to help them make the move to a better retirement lifestyle.

The first step is an open, honest discussion. Gather your family and talk the situation through, being mindful that your parents may be reluctant to make any changes. It’s okay to point out that when they make their own choice to “rightsize” to a retirement setting, they’re taking control of their future. The last thing anyone wants is for an at-home accident or change in health status to result in a quick, ill-considered move. Now, your parents can explore a variety of retirement lifestyle opportunities and see for themselves what different places have to offer. The options are certainly enticing. Enviable amenities, leisure activities, social events, great food and on-site conveniences can all be part of the new lifestyle.

Talk about the different options and facilities with your parents. Make a list of what they want and gather brochures and websites to show them. The next step is to book appointments to take tours and perhaps have lunch at places that appeal to them. Your parents may also opt for a trial stay to test-drive a new home before committing. And once they’re settled in, they’ll probably be wishing they had made the decision sooner.


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