Hot Stuff

I saw it. It was scattered on my flowers. It was just barely covering the hood of the car. It was on the ground in the parking lot.  Oh no! It’s here and pretty soon it will be here to stay for the next four to six months.  Snow.

I hate snow. I really do. I don’t ski or toboggan or skate anymore. I don’t enjoy the white fluffy stuff that’s “so pretty.” It causes car accidents, plant death, frozen fingers and despair in my temperature-sensitive heart. Snow is a symptom of winter and winter is a cold and dark disease that all of us Ottawans tolerate every year with our teeth chattering. While it may well be time for me to toughen up and take charge of my chill, I’m going to need some major retail therapy to get through the coming season.

What’s that you say? Time for new boots? Getting warmer… Maybe a chic new coat? Warmer… Leather gloves, a chapeau and a faux-fur-lined cape you say? Now that’s hot stuff! Okay, I’m ready. Here goes nothin’ November, I’m going to get through this winter with flare.

These top trends will help to heat you up for the upcoming season:

Punk rock colour pop:

According to Vogue Paris, ‘tis the season for multi-coloured, striped, spotted and disco inspired furs. From hot pinks to blood reds, I’m all on board for a little colour this year. I’d personally go for faux-fur, falling just below the knee with a pop of red. More common on Ottawa streets will be commuters bundled in fifty shades of, well, grey. I challenge you to be daring and spice it up with some bright colours. Or at the very least, try some navy blue or winter white, another current trend. Animal prints are in this year too, so bring out your inner-cougar and nab yourself a zebra striped coat. Check out the Roberto Cavalli collection for inspiration at


Leathery legs:

Tall boots are all the rage, with some sky-high up the thighs. While these might look more like leather leggings than boots, they are pretty sexy. Just be sure to wear tights under some of these leg-baring styles. While they may block the wind, they won’t keep you as warm as you need to be in -40 degree chill while you’re digging yourself out of the driveway. A more sensible (sigh) option is a tall lined boot with a molded heel and a good tread. Rocker metal accessories like chains and studs are in and can glam up your plain-Jane booties. It also looks like the pointed toe is back (oh please, you’re so pretty, but you hurt me!), so keep an eye out for eye-popping pointy stilettos.

Saving face:

If you’re waiting for the bus, running from the car to the grocery store or pretending to like hockey (Okay, I know, you really like hockey), then you cannot go without a warm scarf to cover your nose, chin and neck. Go for a wide scarf in a softy texture (think of a deconstructed teddy bear, wrapped around your neck). Fringe is in, as well as super long scarves and fur (or faux-fur) boas. Volume seems to be the trend, so go big and stay warm.

Some love for the glove:

If you’re up to your elbows in cold, then cover them up with this year’s long, long, looooong glove trend.  Get knitting ladies and don’t forget to add some leather accents, cut-outs and other punk inspired baubles. Leather gloves are one of my weaknesses, and I have to say that I’m pretty excited to have a pair that climbs up my arms. That being said, there’s nothing better than stealing my hubby’s giant warm mittens on the coldest of days, fashion be damned.

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