It’s easy to show your ♥

Sure, roses and truffles and diamonds are nice. But you don’t need to empty your wallet to show your favourite peeps how much you care. Your time, attention and TLC are the best Valentine’s Day gifts of all.

  • Grab one of the heart-shaped cookie cutters from Christmas. Use it to cut toast and bread into heart shapes for a fun breakfast and funky sandwiches.
  • Have you got strawberries on your counter? Wash and stem them, then cut a small v in the top of each one. When you slice them, you’ve got hearts.
  • If your kids take lunches to school, toss in a couple of Hershey’s kisses or a special little note to let them know how much you love them.
  • When they bring you home their V-Day crafts from school, ooooh and aaah and make a big fuss, then put the creations in your place of honour. (It’s probably the fridge door.)
  • Make a favourite (nutritious) dinner and serve it in the dining room, using your nice dishes and cutlery. Candles are an extra special touch, if the kids are old enough not to reach out for them. It’s also fun for the youngsters to drink out of fancy glasses (when it’s appropriate).
  • Spend extra family time doing something you all love. It might be a perfect movie night or a great time to cuddle and read some storybooks together.

If you have the time and money to bake cupcakes and buy the kids Valentine’s treats, that’s wonderful— but your love will shine right through the day regardless.



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