Kid-Proof Your Home

Baby throws out clothes from wooden furniture at home

New Standards for Child Safety

Children are naturally curious. They are even more interested in exploring something that’s forbidden to them. Tell a child “no” and the gears start turning. If you don’t act fast, one day you’ll turn around and baby will be standing precariously on a chair with his hand in the cookie jar. So, what can you do now? Kid-proof your home.  Here is some of today’s best advice for savvy moms to help keep kids safe and out of trouble at home.

Stranger Danger

It’s the stuff of nightmares. No matter how many times you have the stranger talk with your child, there’s still a bit of worry that lingers. Take action to keep your child safe and out of harm’s way at home by installing a home security system. According to the experts from SafeSound Family, installing security cameras on the exterior of your home works as an effective burglar deterrent, which means you’re also keeping the entire family safe from intruders. Instead of solely relying on the locks and screen doors to keep all of the curious kiddos inside and strangers out. Outdoor security cameras, such as the styles available from Lorex Technology, are not only a great way to keep a watchful eye on your children, they allow you to monitor your property too. The weatherproof cameras also offer long-range night vision, and you can access the camera footage from anywhere via your smartphone.

Baby-Proof the Doors

No matter what type of door handles you have on the doors inside of your home, there is an effective baby-proof door lock that can keep your babies safe. For round door knobs, KidCo offers a pinch-to-open style lock that’s difficult for baby to figure out. If your home is outfitted with lever-style door handles, KidCo also offers a easy-to-install baby-proof lock. Other baby-proof locks like The Door Monkey can work on any handle type. These can be installed in seconds and they offer an adjustable mount height, so you can continue using the lock as your child grows. If you have any chemicals or dangerous substances in lower cupboards or drawers, consider finger guard cabinet latches.

Pool Alarms

Alarms are very helpful, especially if you have potentially hazardous areas around your home, such as a pool or pond that baby could fall in. It’s not always possible to keep an eye on your child; those tiny feet are faster than you might think. Sometimes when you have a full house of people, you lose track of where baby’s run off to. A pool alarm system like the Safety Turtle can help alert you of when they scamper into danger zones. The Turtle is a wristband that goes around baby’s arm. If it gets wet, it triggers the alarm. The siren device can be placed in the backyard or in the house. When you hear it, you’ll know you need to run to the rescue.

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