Let’s Talk

Isn’t it sublime? The annual Canadian deep freeze is unofficially over. And what a way to thaw out! When my all-ages crew set out for a March Break adventure March 9, the 16-hour trek started with a blizzard, accompanied by a full-on case of the shivers. (It was mine!)

Fast forward 10 days and the snow boots have been replaced by sandals. Today, Ottawa is downright balmy. Wee green shoots are sprouting in neighbourhood yards and this week’s forecast calls for shorts weather. Can you believe it?

Spring has sprung up up up to record high temperatures. Sure, we’re back to the regular grind routine of school lunches, homework and scheduled activities, but the one-hour jump ahead on our clocks and watches means there’s more play time. Better yet, the major snow melt ensures we can do it outside. Now we can get out the bikes, roller blades, road hockey equipment, skipping ropes and sidewalk chalk. Let the fun begin!


How’s your family enjoying this great weather?

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