March Break

What do you get when you put a baby, a toddler, a teenager, a couple of hip young parents and three… ahem… slightly older parents in two vehicles and travel about 1000 miles? You guessed it: The March Break family vacation.

(I’m so excited.)

This, folks, is the stuff of lifetime memories. Remember March Break when you were a kid? I do. Some years there was loads of snow. Other years we were in short sleeves playing skip and jumping in puddles. It was the time my very best cousin in the whole world – Maryellen Clark from Kingston, Ontario, Canada – would come for a visit and if we were lucky our Aunt Joanie would make us coke floats.

There was a pile of snow at March Break when I was nine. It was a blast!

Now that was living. One year my birthday was during the break and at that particular party the girls wore long dresses from the local department store. It was the height of sophistication on a small-town, meat-and-potatoes budget. We went to matinee movies, to a nearby hill to go sliding, to the end of the street to play hopscotch with the neighbourhood kids and on daily treks (okay, maybe twice a day) to the corner store for candy.

No fancy plans or expectations.

It was the best.

I still think March Break is pure spring magic. As a parent, I’ve instigated organized many a week-long adventure for the annual, designated time-out.  In the last few years, my family has usually hit the road or the sky or the train for an “away” vacation. But I know, from experience, that you don’t need resort reservations or an elaborate agenda to make the holiday amazing. A fort made of pillows and blankets in the living room can be every bit as good. Free public skating or swimming, an ice cream sundae-making session or a city-bus excursion to a museum are all sure-fire crowd pleasers. (Pack treats.)

This area is fully loaded with fun stuff to see and do and taste and experience. What are your favourite spots and ideas for enjoying March Break in Ottawa?

And what are your favourite memories of March Break long (long, long) ago?

Share them with us at Ottawa Family Living. Share a pic too. (I dare you… : )


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