New black comedy-mystery at the Gladstone Theatre

This dark comedy is a tale about morality and integrity.

The End of Civilization. This black comedy-mystery, directed by Mary Ellis, runs from May 13 to 31at the Gladstone Theatre. Previews are May 13 and 14, with opening night slated for Friday, May 15th.

In this taut satire, a modest middle class family find themselves in a desperate situation. He’s been out of work and with no job in sight, they are on the brink of bankruptcy. He worked hard and played by the rules; she stayed home with the kids.  Confused, scared and angry, they take a risk to save their home. Their journey moves from dark comedy through to moments of great tenderness.

“Walker captures the complexity of the human condition with such humour, such ferocity and such unforgettable characters,” says the director.  Ellis appeared in many Walker plays at Great Canadian Theatre Company and is thrilled to be directing her first mainstage production at The Gladstone Theatre. 

About the Play:

Henry Cape lost his middle-management job two years ago and he and his wife Lily are desperate to save their suburban home and lifestyle.  They’ve left their kids with relatives and checked in to a cheap motel closer to the city to try and find work.  In this social satire, the job hunt doesn’t go well and they are soon mixed up with a prostitute, two homicide detectives and a multiple murder mystery involving other job applicants.  Never before seen in Ottawa, this is an enduring tale about morality and integrity from Canada’s master of dark comedy, George F. Walker.

David Frisch – Henry
Julie Le Gal – Lily
Catriona Leger – Sandy
Brad Long – Donny
Geoff McBride – Max

 The End of Civilization runs from May 13-31, 2015
Previews May 13 & 14, Performances May 15-31
Tuesdays – Saturdays at 7:30 PM
Saturdays and Sundays at 2:30 PM

The Gladstone Theatre is at 910 Gladstone Avenue. Call 613 233-4523 and see for details. 





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