New Dad’s No-Nonsense Guide to Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is soon approaching, so it’s time to think about wowing your special woman with memorable TLC. After all, she’s been through a lot, from pregnancy and childbirth to adjusting to feeding and sleeping schedules. Having a new baby in your life is a momentous occasion but also has its many day-to-day challenges. Make her feel special, pampered, and loved with some of these Mother’s Day tips for new dads.

Give Her Extra Time in the Morning

This one is easy, plan to let her sleep in by helping with the baby. It’s great extra bonding time for you and baby, and she’ll be thrilled to know she can be “off duty” for some extra time. Give her a sleep-in certificate using online templates so she knows she can sleep as long as she likes. Baby can watch from rocker or bouncer while you whip up a special breakfast for your sweetheart. In a few years, your child will be so used to this Mother’s Day routine (although, it’s perfectly welcome that you do this other days too) that she’ll want to help you.

Leave Her Favorite Reading Material by the Bed

After you take baby out of the room, leave some of her favorite reading material behind in case she wakes up before you get back. Maybe she’d like a new novel, or maybe she hasn’t read a magazine such a People or Oprah for a while. When she wakes up she’ll be pleasantly surprised to see what’s on her bedside.

Make a Breakfast She’ll Love

You know what she loves, whether it be coffee and toast, blueberry pancakes, or cheesy omelets, and Mother’s Day is a great day to show her how much you recognize these special interests. You don’t have to make it fancy or too elaborate, and she’ll love that she didn’t have to get up to make a meal.

Flowers and Cards are Super Sweet

If you don’t know already, ask her questions now to learn about her favorite flowers. Everything is coming into bloom and florists have colorful, spring selections. Then, when you bring her breakfast in bed, bring the flowers too. Include a little card and write something sweet. One idea is to imagine what your baby might say he appreciates and write the card from the child’s perspective.

Start a Family Tradition

Take a selfie of you and baby and print it out at home – you can always save it on your computer for use later. Each year on Mother’s Day, do it again and over time you’ll have a series of cute, spontaneous pictures that she will look forward to and cherish. Or, write a goofy/serious poem about what parenting is like at your baby’s age. Save the poems in a special box you give her on this first Mother’s Day.

Give Her Time for Beauty

Most women welcome “me” time for beauty treatments. Is your lady one of them? If so, book in advance a manicure and pedicure appointment for her to get pampered at the nearest nail salon. Or maybe she’d enjoy a makeup session at a local department store. Look at spas in the Ottawa area. Or better yet, offer to give her a foot massage and pedicure at home. See if your in-laws, neighbors or friends have time in their day to watch baby so you can give her extra time.

Take Time for Yourself Too

Mother’s Day is all about mom but even overindulging her can still allow for some time for you too. Bring baby with you while you work on your car, go to the hardware store, or watch a television show. It will be great bonding time for you and your child and mom can still relax. Or, plan a fun outing for all of you, something low-key like a picnic, going for a walk, or going to the zoo. Mom will relish in the relaxation and appreciate all the little things you thought through. Father’s Day is right around the corner come June, and all your attention to your special mom now might pay dividends when your special day comes along.

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