no!no! Hair

Go Weeks without shaving with no!no! Hair

Revolutionary beauty and grooming products from Radiancy

Frequent shaving and waxing can be irritating and costly, not to mention painful! Remove hair painlessly and reduce the rate of hair regrowth with no!no! Hair from Radiancy, makers of the no!no! family of beauty and grooming products. No!no! Hair is an ideal solution for unwanted facial or body hair, for women and men, who can get their body hair under control for the first time.


No!no! new slim design and cord-free operation makes it easy to hold and manipulate for hard to reach areas like the bikini line and underarms. It also allows removing facial hair easily and painlessly for the first time.


How it Works:

The no!no! Hair is built with Thermicon, an innovative technology developed by Radiancy – market leaders in professional phototherapy devices used by dermatologists and estheticians around the world. No!no!’s Thermicon technology uses heat but not light, making it safe for everyone, men and women, no matter the skin type r hair color.


No!no! Hair has undergone rigorous testing to insure its safety and efficacy. With time and consistent use, no!no! can reduce the rate of hair re-growth.


No!no! Hair includes two Thermicon tips: wide for easy to navigate areas such as arms and legs, and narrow for trickier areas like the bikini line or face. Three different treatment levels allow users to easily adjust the intensity, ensuring the most comfortable and effective treatment possible. An LCD status screen keeps important information about your no!no! accessible at a touch, including battery charge, tip life and treatment level.


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