Ottawa Gymnastics Centre

294 Elmgrove Ave.

Established in 1960, the Ottawa Gymnastics Centre is the oldest operating not-for-profit gymnastics organization in Canada. The club began in numerous high schools (predominantly Commerce and Brookfield), where equipment was packed away each night and boys and girls trained in different locations.

The club moved into a more permanent facility in 1980 at 175 Richmond Road. In 1988, the club moved again into the City Centre off Scott Street. Unfortunately, this facility was too small for the ever-expanding club so in 1992, the Ottawa Gymnastics Centre moved into its present facility at 294 Elmgrove Avenue, the former Lyons hockey arena.

It is here that the OGC has been able to create a wide variety of programs and our membership has grown to over 3000 members, from 6 months old to adulthood.

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