Ottawa High School Student Film Festival (STUFF)

Want to see just how talented Ottawa’s teen filmmakers really are? Get tickets for the first ever Ottawa High School Student Film Festival (STUFF) taking place this Thursday, May 7, at Glebe Collegiate Institute. The event will showcase the skills and flair of young filmmakers from the area and hundreds of moviegoers are expected. Up to 12 unique short films will be featured, with prizes awarded to top films. There will be live entertainment too. Renowned Canadian musician Karl Wolf will be performing during the half-time show.

The lineup includes:

  •  Dreamer, a drama by Sebastian Brock Loeven and Robin Parsons of John McCrae Secondary School
  • Two in the Palm, a six-minute horror film by Glebe Collegiate’s Garth Leslie
  • Communicate, a comedy by Joel Doggett, Zachary Jeffcott, Sena Katagiri, Logan Murchison and Hatem Rasmy of Lisgar Collegiate
  • Kurayami no Wa, a thriller by Morgana McKenzie, Sarah Conway, Katie Potter, Jeff Clement, Taylor Laveau, Gavin McKenzie, Matt Egner, Kiara Cote, Connor Adsett and Laura Gray of Canterbury High
  • Trapped, a mystery by Nick Garel-Jones, Sarah Rosenbloom, Sabrina Hyjek, Chloe Lucas, Lukas Skardinskas, Jane Amirault, Eva Cencen, Sarah Abi-Khaled and Michael Ausdenmoore of Ashbury College.
  • The Nod, a music video by Morgan Munro, Jessica Young, Josh Henderson, Mr. Dubeau and schoolmates at Osgoode Township High School
  • Invited, a horror film by Mithun Jothiravi, Sanjay Dhawan, Savita Owens, Annie Paquin, Ashley Sun and Sebastien Packerfrom G;ebe Collegiate
  • La Vendetta, a mafia film by Jaewon Seo,  Albert Aguilar, Mohammad Nayef, Namita Singh, Will Moise and Fllip Matic of Lisgar Collegiate
  • Eerikki, a fantasy drama by Valentin Bacalu, Roldu Carstean, Luc Cyril-Bonnet, Benjamin Amdur, Karsten Melchers, Danielle Vinson, Godwin Beny Ganza, Thomas Jovanovic, Olivier Dyment, Alexander Young, Riley Turpin, Camden Moody and Ahmad Halawi of École Secondaire Publique De La Salle
  • Stand UP, a stop-motion entry by Megan Daley, Erin Lawrence, Gabriel Larocque and Mr Dubeau from Osgoode Township High School
  • The Trailing of Brethil, an action/suspense feature by Logan Wagner, Tom McGarry, Christopher Dalton and Tim Simmons from Sir Wilfred Laurier Secondary School
  • Alberta, an adventure entry from École Secondaire Publique Franco Ouest
  • Perception, a fantasy piece by Dylan Hunt-Weeks of Glebe Collegiate
  • The Glitch, a stop-motion music video by Kimberly Guy, Raven Boulet, Maddison Dodds and Mr Dubeau from Osgoode Township High
  • A Different World Inside My Mind, a stop-motion entry by Jennifer Tenasco and Drew Tenasco from Immaculata High School.

All proceeds from the event go to the CHEO Foundation. For details and tickets, see



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