Ottawa Mom’s Book Helps Others Face Challenges

Sharing Joy through A Very Fairy Door

 by Pam Dillon

A couple of years ago, when Kimberly Brown gave a fairy door to her granddaughter, Avery, for her third birthday, something special happened. Not only was the gift a hit, it also brought the wee Ottawa girl some comfort. At the time, her mom Carlie was recovering from cervical cancer. “Because mommy was sick, [Avery] used to wake up in the night and come into our room. Once we hung the fairy door in her room it gave her extra incentive to stay in her own bed; when she did, the fairies would bring a special treasure for her in the morning. It definitely helped us to get some much-needed rest and to establish better bedtime routines for her,” Carlie explains.

Kim and Carlie worked on the project together.

Kim and Carlie worked on the project together.

“Now that I am well again,” she adds, “our fairy door has many purposes. Our Elf on the Shelf visits from there at Christmas, the fairies stop by and bring little presents for each holiday, when the time comes the tooth fairy will visit from there, and whenever my daughter is faced with something nerve-wracking like a first day of school, the fairies stop in to wish her well and to start her day off right.”

Avery’s now five, her mother is better, and that fairy door has brought magic into both of their lives. “I fell in love with the idea of the fairy friends dwelling behind my daughter’s fairy door,” Carlie recalls. She came up with the idea of writing a book about those friends, and creating a one-of-a-kind fairy door to match.

So once upon a time, when a little girl named Avery turned three, her grandma Kim and her mommy Carlie embarked on a creative endeavor. Kim designed a fairy door to go with the book, Carlie wrote the text and they were both “over the moon” when illustrator Krista Smith agreed to work on the project with them.

Fittingly, Avery inspired the book’s title: “A Very” Fairy Door. For ages three and up, the illustrated, 32-page hardcover children’s book comes packaged with a fairy door to be hung on a wall or shelf. Through clever rhymes, the whimsical tale explores where these special doors come from, how the fairies choose a door, and all the wonderful things that can happen to those who have A Very Fairy Door.

This Ottawa Mom’s Book Makes a Difference for Kids

As the author points out, this book can assist children to get through tough times in their lives, such as illnesses or family challenges. It can also help with overcoming fears, developing bedtime routines, and establishing good behaviour.  “What makes A Very Fairy Door special is the way it taps into a child’s imagination,” Carlie says. “The pure joy and excitement they experience when they wake to see that a fairy has visited is priceless.”
In September Carlie and Kim launched a successful Kickstarter campaign and raised over $25,000 to self-publish the book. Thanks to that support, they were able to provide over 55 fairy packages to CHEO. Both Carlie and Kim want to pay it forward to others going through difficulties. An additional five per cent of all books sold will be donated to the children’s hospital and other organizations. At this point the book is at the manufacturing and packaging stage, and they’re hoping to have it by Christmas.

The local mom says creating A Very Fairy Door helped her and her family get through a tough period in life. She expects the finished product will do the same for other people, no matter what challenges they face. You can preorder the book at

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