Ottawa is Party Central

Want to throw a party with pizazz? Cap City offers amazing choices for special summer birthday parties. Whether you have a wee one who loves the local fun zones, youngsters who get a kick out of reptiles and manicures, or teens in search of high-octane thrills, there are loads and loads of options close to home.
There’s no shortage of fun, at-home options either.
 Quick Picks for At-Home Fun

 Sporty Kids

1. Stanley Cup road hockey party
Empty parking lot? Good to go.
2. World Cup soccer/World Series ball party
Patch of grass? Game on!
3. WaterWorks party
Sprinkler/kiddie pool/water balloons/water squirters/wats of fun
4. Olympic Games party
Sack races, beanbag races, egg races, backwards races, limbo. Gold!


1. Pamper Me party
Rope in a couple of friends, some bottles of nail polish, plus hair appliances and do manis, pedis and hairdos.
2. A Star is Born party
Designate a stage, get out the costume box, cue the music and have a talent contest. Record it. Let them do “selfies.” Present it afterwards on TV.

Small Fry

1. Action Figures/Teddy Bears/Dollies party
Make play stations: hospital, supermarket, school, restaurant … where they can play pretend. Take pictures. This is precious.
2. Pirates party
Treasure map, treasure hunt, foam swords, craft-time making eye patches. Ahoy!

Brave Parent

1. Sleepover party
Pizza, fancy-shmancy fruit/veggie tray, popcorn, age-appropriate movies. Pillow fights + nail polish application are optional. Set a firm lights-out rule!

Let the party come to you.

Short on time and Pinterest-style skillage?  Rent a party to arrive at your home.  You can book  parties with princesses, super heroes, clowns, buskers—even reptiles.  The providers take care of the entertainment, games and activities. All you have to do is decorate, feed the kids and send them home with loot bags.

Take the Party Away, Ottawa

Ottawa is full of awesome birthday party venues. You can try a spa party at a salon for kids, have barnyard fun at Saunders Farm or host a swim and splash gathering at a local recreation centre. Why not let them jump up and down at a gymnastics club, a trampoline centre or an entertainment place such as Funhaven, A Gym Tale, Cosmic Adventures, Fun Junction or Midway Family Fun Park.

Mini golf  and Pirate Adventures at Mooney’s Bay are popular at this time of year and, if your youngster is creative, inventive options include parties at beading, pottery, cooking, bear-building and art locales. Got an animal lover in the family? Valleyview Little Animal Farm, the Ottawa Humane Society and Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo offer great options. Whether you have a budding scientist in the family, a stage star in the making or a climber with the sure-footedness of a mountain goat, there’s a place to make party magic happen.

For older kids (especially boys), lazer tag and go karting are popular, while Calypso Waterpark, the Camp Fortune Aerial Park and Gatineau’s Top Karting are considered “sick” destinations. Finally, you can never go wrong with a party at a bowling alley or a movie theatre.

Party at the museum! 

Kids can:
* build forts and be secret agents at the Canadian War Museum

* be spies on missions at The Diefenbunker

* see a 3-D movie or an exhibition at the Canadian Museum of Nature

* try ice cream making at the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum

* be astronauts or pilots at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum

* discover cool stuff (or have a sleepover!)  at the Canada Science and Technology Museum

* be magic travellers  or explorers at the Children’s Museum

* Have a blast from the past at one of the 11 local museums, including Billings Estate and   Cumberland Heritage Village Museum. (Some have on-site party services.)




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