Ottawa Mother of Invention

Talk about Mom Power! 
Local parent Gwenda Lindhorst-Ko has created a new product that will make school lunches a whole lot better It’s called myColdCup

Gwenda Lindhorst-Ko is an Ottawa mother whose cup is definitely more than half full.
Heck, she invented the cup!
How’s that for parental initiative? Gwenda has designed and launched myColdCup, a new product for elementary school kids.
“The idea for myColdCup grew out of my experience as a mother of a Grade 1 boy,” she explains. Her little guy only wanted chocolate milk as part of the school milk program. After all, he told her, it tasted better and all his friends were choosing it. She wasn’t crazy about the idea of him having chocolate milk five days a week for months on end. From there, she actually volunteered to run the milk program at his school and did so for several years. During that time, she discovered there were other concerns as well: paying for milk at school is a big expense for many families; others want more variety rather than the same choice every day; some children can’t be part of the milk club due to lactose intolerance. In addition, all the milk cartons must be recycled or thrown out.
Gwenda thought there must be a better solution. She wanted to find a container that would keep milk cold, be easy to drink from and easy to clean. It had to be absolutely leak proof, dishwasher safe and appealing to kids. To meet this mom’s approval, it also must not retain milk odour or any unpleasant taste.
Although she searched, she couldn’t find anything in the marketplace to meet all these requirements. So, having been an engineer in her pre-mother days, she decided to design her own.
The result is myColdCup, an insulated stainless steel cup that keeps drinks ice cold for five hours, allowing kids to take milk, or other drinks requiring refrigeration, to school for lunch.
It’s a practical and environmentally friendly addition to all those backpacks and school supplies being purchased at this time of year. Better yet, it was designed right here in Ottawa by a local mom. How cool is that?
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