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Eating Evolvd

Keren Reiser at home with her guys.

Meal Service offers more time and better health for families

Keren Reiser knows just how challenging it can be to get a healthy meal— or any meal—on the table for a busy family. After all, this Ottawa mom has four growing boys at home: a 12-year-old, a 10-year-old and seven-year-old twins.

She also knows, just as you do, that it matters what goes on those plates. After all, she’s a Registered Dietitian and the wife of a family physician. That’s why she’s committed to helping busy people eat and feed their families well. As the CEO of Eating Evolvd, it’s her business.

Eating Evolvd is a service company that provides prepared, fresh, healthy meals that are 100 per cent gluten free. No processed products. No refined sugars. No little packets of powdered “sauce” mix. They’re prepared by a chef and delivered to your home, office or gym. All you have to do is heat … and get the kids to wash their hands before supper.

“We’re helping people reach their nutrition goals and be healthy without sacrificing family time,” Keren explains. For working parents that means less stress, less juggling and less guilt about the prospect of opening a box to put dinner in the oven. You don’t have to.

In the all-too-familiar race from office parking lot to playgroup pickup, then gymnastics or piano lessons or hockey practice, there’s no weeknight panic. You get to look forward to nutritionally sound, appetizing meals made with quality ingredients. Just sit down, enjoy and keep your elbows off the table.

“You’re not compromising on nutrition and you’re not compromising on taste,” Keren says. “Our meals are fresh, not frozen. We use local products as much as possible and we strive to purchase antibiotic and hormone-free meats.” Also, there’s no guessing. Each meal has a list of ingredients on its packaging.

Eating Evolvd

The prepared fresh, healthy meals are 100 per cent gluten free.

People appreciate the ease and flexibility Eating Evolvd offers. You select the menu type you want: gluten-free meals, paleo meals, meal and snack combos, or family sized meals that provide four servings. If four servings aren’t enough for your family, you can upsize your order or select add-ons. You decide how many meals you want and how often you’d like to receive them. You can order on a one-time basis or get a weekly subscription. Some people choose a combination. For instance, in the summer (or fall or winter) when they’re really busy, they’ll arrange the subscription service. In a few weeks or months when things settle down and they have the time or desire to cook, they’ll make individual orders.

It’s all about “making healthy options accessible to people,” Keren says. “My goal is to marry nutrition and heath.” Certainly, it’s comforting to know these meals are balanced. You can be sure when the kids sit down to eat, their meal is not missing anything that will contribute to their healthy development and well-being.

Even though Keren has a degree in nutritional sciences and a Master’s in health administration, as a mom she’s well aware of just how tricky that feat can be for busy parents. “I could write a book on picky eaters.”

Eatin Evolvd

Keren has a degree in nutritional sciences and a Master’s in health administration.

In her household? “We’re not perfect,” she’s quick to point out. Occasionally, “we eat pizza. We eat macaroni and cheese. But we always strive to get back to fresh and real food options. I’m really all about whole foods. And I’m trying to create healthy eating options for others.”

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