Ottawa’s Newest Wildlife Attraction

Where Are The Wild Things?
They’re right here in suburban Ottawa. Trust me on this...
By Pam Dillon

Have you been to Ottawa’s newest wildlife destination?  Wild Wild World Suburban Zoo and All-You-Can-Eat Compost Buffet is the city’s best kept secret. Offering a Ripley’s Believe It or Not-style adventure, it’s the place to experience the natural world untethered.  
Discover colourful birds and squirrels flying from tree to tree. See the chipmunks pitter pattering to and from their hidey-holes. Catch a glimpse of the rabbits digging and er.. gardening.
Say hello to Mr. and Missus Groundhog and the family when they join the supper lineup and listen to the mischievous raccoons
hissing and screeching playing in the trees at night.

Highlights include the amazing Poodley Doodle as she goes from zero to 60, springing alive to chase the distinctive black and white creature with its tail erect… ah..
Oh my.


Overnight guests have a unique opportunity to experience the antics of nocturnal animals at full throttle. Yes, there’s action, folks – 24/7.

Your youngsters are sure to love it. After all, Little Critter lives here. So does Big Critter, Hissy-Fit Critter, Stink-Cologne Critter and all their friends and enemas enemies.  There’s plenty of room to enjoy a picnic and YES you can feed the animals.

Better yet, WWW Suburban is a one-of-a-kind eco attraction in the nation’s capital. In fact, it’s so environmentally friendly rumour has it the animals of Algonquin Park are planning a mass relocation and inhabitants of the Bronx Zoo are in negotiations with their handlers to “just hand over the keys and close your eyes for 10 minutes…”
That’s all thanks to a unique approach to saving the planet.
Due to a contested management policy of eschewing the local green bin in favour of two non-plastic, critter-apartment-sized composters at the back of the property, WWWS is so “eco inspired” it’s party central for the wildlife set. 

But its real cache as Where The Wild Things Are is a result of remarkably generous composting policies. While other local destinations might limit backyard composting to fruit and vegetable scraps, here at the WWWS All-You-Can-Eat Compost Buffet the limits have been chewed right through. Truth is, at least one free-thinking staff member regularly adds all sorts of yum-yums to the backyard mix. 

Talk about the spice of life!
In fact, on-site trees are hot au natural properties, with real estate beasts regularly battling it out for prime spots closest to Buffet Boulevard. 

Human guests are in for a real treat too. The main attraction at Wild Wild World Suburban performs awe-inspiring acrobatic feats on a daily basis.

Amazing Poodley Doodle Show
Never-before-seen multi-sensory presentations take place a
t 10 a.m., 2 p.m., 6 p.m. and 4 a.m. (There’s a money-back guarantee!) 

See the canine contortionist jump or climb fences.

Watch her tap-dance with enthusiasm for her furry new neighbours. 

Listen to her Barkahowl rendition.

A riveting solo act, it’s really something to experience! 

Since WWWS’ business license is lost in the mail(ish), there is no admission fee at this Ottawa landmark.

You can, however, donate popsicles.
Or earplugs.     

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