Parents stay connected to home and children with family friendly tech

Parents once relied on children to keep them educated on how to use technology and stay up-to-date on what’s new. But a lot has happened since the last time Dad needed the kids to help him set the timer on the VCR. More and more, parents are taking advantage of new technologies, especially when it comes to staying connected to home and family life.

“Canadian parents are busier than ever and they are looking for technology that will help simplify their lives,” says Ian Pattinson, vice-president of Rogers’ Smart Home Monitoring. “There are many new options out that allow parents to manage the busy household, save time and keep the family connected.”

The smartphone, for example, has been a boon to multi-tasking parents. Mothers on the go no longer spend hours scheduling carpools and balancing chequebooks. Everything happens in a flurry of IMs and text messages, or with the help of productivity apps.

Smartphones savvy parents may want to consider a home security system that will work with their mobile device. One example is Smart Home Monitoring from Rogers is a new system that lets parents monitor who is coming and going when they are out of the house. This system also offers a ‘smart home camera’ that allows you to view live video of what’s going on inside your home via the web or your smartphone.

There are also a number of advantages to giving responsible children their own smartphones. Not only can parents stay in touch, there are apps to provide GPS tracking and apps that will store information for caretakers in case of an emergency.

“Next generation technology helps parents to manage and protect their families,” says Pattinson. “It allows families to stay connected to their home and each other, which gives everyone peace of mind”

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