Pay it Forward and Recycle

That archaic TV?  The mountain of Fisher Price discards in the garage? The toasters and coffee makers, mixing bowls and books, rocking chairs and salad bowls you don’t use anymore?

Now’s your chance to share your stuff with people who could really use it and appreciate it.  The City of Ottawa’s Fall Give Away Weekend is taking place this Saturday, October 26, and Sunday, October 27, all across town.

Your once-upon-a-time treasures, now relegated to the garage or the basement or the attic, can go to the curb to become other people’s brand newish treasures. How cool and environmentally friendly is that?

Just think of the possibilities for all those birthday and holiday presents that have been hidden waaaay back in the dark reaches of a closet.  Who knows what kind of new love relationship might emerge?

There are some rules of engagement, courtesy of the City of Ottawa website at Whether you’re paying it forward or you’re a hunter and gatherer, please be mindful:

1. Stick your stuff at the curb, but be sure it’s off the road.  Put a FREE sign beside it.

2. Put stuff you don’t want to disappear in the garage, the backyard or inside your home.

3. When the day is done, take it back inside to avoid vandalism – not to mention we-were-here love notes from neighbourhood dogs.

4. If you’re on the hunt for treasures, remember your manners.

5. Don’t walk on other people’s lawns.

6. Don’t take something unless you’re absolutely sure it’s free.

7. If you find a better deal (or shinier “gem”) further along in your wandering, don’t dump the first item at the second location.

And remember, if all your glossy lifestyle pearls are still rolling around at the curb at the end of the day, there are still environmentally friendly ways to pass them along to somebody else.  See for details.

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