Pirate Adventures

by Stephen Johnson

Did you know pirates ply their trade on the Rideau River?  Before you sell the cottage or give up the boat, these pirates are friendly.  They sail out of Mooney’s Bay and go by the name Pirate Adventures.

Our adventure first began last summer when we took a trip to Mooney’s Bay to do some swimming.  At first, when I saw a pirate ship go by, I thought it was heatstroke.   After further investigation, I learned it was a boat that offered a pirate-themed adventure cruise.  It was late in the summer, so we put it on the bucket list for the summer of 2014.

The first hot May weekend, we decided to check out Pirate Adventures.   The crew immediately made us feel welcome dressing us up in pirate gear and even applying face makeup for pirate moustaches.  Once we were properly attired, everyone boarded the ship and the captain and crew introduced themselves.

Sandra and I immediately appreciated the first mate.  David did not want to put on sunscreen but when the first mate offered her assistance, David did not mind taking instructions from a pirate!

Being a pirate ship, of course there was a story about a map and lost treasure. The kids had a great time interacting with the crew having sword fights and saying aargh.  David’s favorite moment was using the water cannons to spray a rogue pirate on another ship.   The pirate had to give up his key and the children were able to open the treasure chest to reveal lost treasure.  All of the kids got a share of the loot.

I was impressed that the adults were fully engaged the entire time as well.  The crew did a great job of encouraging parental involvement.   There was even a pirate dance-off where adult and kids alike got to show there dance moves.

In total, the cruise takes about seventy-five minutes.   It is important to note that there is not a bathroom on board thus plan accordingly to avoid any accidents.  Also, make sure to bring water and sunscreen on board

After we arrived back on shore, we went to check out Hogs Back Falls since it was just a two minute walk from Pirate Adventures.    Sadly, the food cantina was closed but we enjoyed the beauty of the falls.   We then came back and checked out the sandy beach at Mooney’s Bay.   David has never met a beach he did not like so our next hour was occupied with water fun.

The day was a success and I have noticed David is saying aargh and engaging in imaginary sword fights more often since visiting Pirate Adventures!  If you would like to visit Pirate Adventures, see www.pirateadventures.ca for further details.





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