Play Celebrates Black History Month

How’s this for an inspiring, educational community event? Students at Glashan Public School are presenting their annual black history play today and tomorrow, February 18 and 19.  Open to the public, the show honours African Canadians who have protected, developed and farmed this country.

This year’s Glashan Public production is A Proud Canadian Family, written and directed by former teacher Rick Desclouds.

More than 70 students are involved in every aspect of the play, serving as actors and choir members, as well as stage and technical crew members.

The play itself tells the story of a family and the challenges they faced as they left their homes in the United States and moved to Nova Scotia.

Both today and tomorrow’s performances begin at 7:15 p.m. The school is located at 28 Arlington Avenue.  Students from neighbouring communities will also get a chance to view the play during afternoon performances.

Glashan Public School’s student body represents a mix of cultures, with a total enrolment of 360 students representing over 70 countries. The richness in backgrounds provides students and staff members with a wonderful opportunity to learn and be more accepting of all.

Principal Jim Tayler says, “Glashan Public School students demonstrate a strong commitment to their school and a respect for each other. The students are empowered and encouraged to take responsibility for their future.”  This play is just one example of the many wonderful and collaborative events happening at the school.

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