Playing Ball at the Miracle League Field




When we are out in the field actually playing baseball, we are all just kids. Even if you’re an adult, when you hit the field you’re a kid all over again. And the same thing is true for kids with special needs – when you’re playing baseball you’re not anything else, you’re just a kid having fun.

This Saturday—tomorrow, June 18—seven players from the Glebe Little League (GLL) Minors (ages 8 to 10) will be going to the Miracle League field to play some baseball with two teams of kids with special needs.

The Miracle League of Ottawa is a purpose-built ballpark in Orleans where kids with special needs can play baseball and other sports. There are Miracle League fields around the world, but the new one in Orleans is Ottawa’s first, and Canada’s second, fully functional Miracle League Program.

The format will entail pairing up a ‘buddy’ from the Glebe team with one of the players from the Miracle League, sometimes to push a wheelchair, direct players on the bases, help with throwing and catching. Each player gets a turn to bat each inning. It promises to be a lot of fun – especially when the rules of baseball get thrown away for the sake of fun and interaction.



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