Potty Time?

Ready to ditch the diapers, get out the stickers and give potty training a go? Not so fast…. 
You may want to look for signs your child is ready

When should a child start potty training? Some parents may say at six months of age and some may say 36 months. But what would they all likely agree upon? That the most success in potty training comes when your child is ready for it, whatever age they might be. A child starting to train at 18 months of age may only see sustained success at age three while a three-year-old might conquer the potty in  days. Before you start in on the potty project, you may want to look for these signs that your child is ready to go.

Check to see if your child:
• Is able to carry out simple instructions.
• Is uncomfortable in dirty diapers.
• Can stay dry for at least two hours straight.
• Has regular bowel movements.
• Wants to wear underwear and use the potty chair or toilet seat.
Consider not starting the potty training process just before or during a time of change or stress in your family. A new sibling or a house move too close to the training period could curtail or undo any progress made up to that point in time and you and your little one could both end up frustrated. Even if your child is interested in graduating to underwear, it may take three to six months for your child to be dry during the day.
And if your child is resisting sitting on a toilet or potty chair, do not force the issue. Allowing your child to set their own pace will ensure greater toileting success.

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