Protect Your Family From Common Dangers

When it comes to keeping your home and family safe, you take precautions; you have a plan for if there were a flood, fire or burglary. But another risk to consider is the one that comes with using the Internet. How do you protect your family from all of the risks at the same time? Below are a few ideas.

Fire Protection

This might seem like a no-brainer, but the first and easiest step to guard against serious house fires is to regularly test your smoke detectors. If there were a fire, the alarm will give you enough time to grab your fire extinguisher. Of course, there could be significant damage to your home, which is why you shouldn’t be frugal with homeowner’s insurance coverage. There are also fireproof safes you can store the things that insurance can’t replace like family photos and important documents.


Unless you live at the top of a hill, you are potentially at risk for flooding. First, make sure all switches, sockets and circuit breakers are raised above the expected flood level in your area. Next, check that fuel tanks, air conditioning units and generators are securely anchored to the ground. Unanchored items can not only contaminate the area with toxic chemicals but also be a hazard if the water is fast moving. First Alert makes a fire and flood-proof box that protects valuables and important documents safe in case of a natural disaster. While it’s important to be prepared for this kind of event if you live in a location where flooding is expected, a flood proof box may be your only true safeguard when it comes to protecting tender information and documents.

Online Security

Your family has online documents that need to be protected from hackers and viruses. There are a number of helpful services to keep your important information backed up and secure. With Mozy, you can back up all your family’s personal information, files, music and photos safely and securely. Their services are suitable for businesses as well as individual and family use, and all data is stored behind military-grade security.

Also, don’t underestimate the need for a solid antivirus program. With Bitdefender Total Security, you and your family will be protected from malware and hackers. With fast banking options, anti-theft, two way firewall and secure online storage, Bitdefender is one of the most comprehensive antivirus systems on the market.


When it comes to protecting your home there are a lot of IP cameras out there that can get the job done. But which are the best? For indoor surveillance the Nest Dropcam Pro is a great option. With full night vision, HD video, crystal clear sound and a mobile app, this camera is a top pick by consumers.

For outdoor security the D-Link DCS-2330L is a solid option. With waterproof casing and motion sensor technology, the wireless camera will send you email updates if something is suspicious. Not only are these cameras easy to set up, but they come equipped with infrared LED night vision and have a smart system that lets you schedule recording times. With these cameras you’ll rest easy knowing your home and family are secure.

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