Queensway Carleton Hospital

3045 Baseline Road
Ottawa, Ontario K2H 8P4

Even before Premier William Davis officially opened Queensway Carleton Hospital on October 5, 1976, the hospital had been operating its first program for over two years. Mrs. Jean Pigott opened the hospital’s storefront psychiatric clinic in Bells Corners on March 25, 1974. Still the bonds to its roots lives strong as the Queensway Carleton Hospital continues to look forward and plan for the future needs of its community.

Today, Queensway Carleton Hospital is a vibrant hospital in today’s ever-changing healthcare environment. We meet our community’s needs while being in a healthy financial position to keep doing so. Behind our success is a committed team of healthcare professionals, physicians and volunteers whose focus remains on our patients and families.

As the only hospital located in the west end of the City, QCH serves a population of over 400,000 in western Ottawa and the Ottawa Valley.

Over the next several years we will be expanding our facilities and services to meet these growing healthcare needs. QCH will not only provide state-of-the-art medical care, but an environment where patients feel very cared for, very safe and comfortable.

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