Rockin’ Phonics Karaoke Sing-a-long App

When musician Seri Gee first began teaching children in southeast Asia to learn English through song, he had no idea that his unique approach would later lead him to create the Rockin’ Phonics  A-Z Karaoke Sing-a-long App.

Seri composed the Rockin’ Phonics songs during a teaching assignment at an international school in Bangkok after noticing that students were responding to music styles beyond the traditional nursery rhyme melodies used in other phonics programs. Hoping to make a change, he tapped into a multitude of musical genres including rock, pop, dance, country, R&B, reggae, funk and gospel, along with a host of other musical styles, and created an app with 26 original songs, one for each letter of the alphabet. Amusing characters bring the letters to life and the lyrics are highlighted word by word, like karaoke, so children can sing along.

“Karaoke is a phonics powerhouse” says Seri.  “It’s a fun and very motivating way to foster language retention as it helps young learners to recognize letters and their sounds and the connections of rhythm to text.”

App Highlights:

•26 original compositions, one for each letter of the alphabet

•Fun illustrations and amusing characters bring each letter to life

• Alliteration, cadence, rhyming, repetition and phonics sounds sung in contemporary, upbeat and catchy, richly orchestrated melodies

•Exposes children to a variety of musical genres

• On-screen read and sing-along letters & lyrics against clear, easy- to -read backgrounds

•Tap n’ touch features allow users to hear the name of the letter, the sounds it makes and locate it within the song

•Easy swipe navigation advances to the next song

•Baby-mode option auto advances to next song card every 15 seconds

•Big Menu and Pause buttons with fun sound effects are easy-to-use and perfect for young fingers

The App is available through the iTunes App Store at ( a demo letter offered free. The remaining alphabet can be purchased for 99 cents.  A promo video of how the app works is on You Tube at (

For details about Rockin’ Phonics, see

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