Smart Gifts for Kid in Post-Secondary School


Are you lucky enough to have your post-secondary school kid back home for the summer? It’s such a treat …  even if the grocery bill has doubled.  As we all know,  the college years are dedicated to learning both inside the classroom and out. One of the most difficult lessons for a college student is money management. You can teach and promote healthy finance management for your college student through the creative gifts you purchase for them throughout their four-year endeavor. Here are tips for gifts that model financial management and encourage choices that will ultimately lead to financial stability and savviness.

Tech Gadgets and Supplies for Classes

Textbooks for the semester, $300. A tablet to take notes in class, $150. Noise canceling headphones to aid focus, $80. Fitness watch to stay healthy, $60. There is an endless list of tech gadgets and supplies that will enhance and maximize your college student’s educational experience, but all come with a rather hefty price tag.

Supplies such as textbooks are required but expensive. Ask your student for their semester list of required books and purchase them via Amazon for competitive prices plus used options.

Tech gadgets, although not required, create efficient and productive college students. Investing your money in technology shows you care about your student’s success and experience.

Car Maintenance and Repair

With all the financial burdens of college, a student might not think about how often their car should be serviced. Some students might choose to skip routine check-ups and replacements to save a few extra bucks, ultimately putting their safety and the long-term life expectancy of their car in danger.

Car tires might not be on every college student’s wish list, but these essentials are definitely a gift that will be appreciated. For the college student looking to make green choices, Continental Tires offer eco-friendly options that also guarantee fuel-efficient performance to save on gas money and to keep the environment in mind.

Bills, Bills, Bills

Rent, utilities, car insurance, cell phone, Netflix and more. The bills keep piling up each month. For your student’s birthday month this year, provide some relief for these monthly financial obligations. Encourage your student to save 80 percent and spend 20 percent of the money that would normally go to pay bills that month, creating a nice balance between responsibility and leisure.

Home Goods and Appliances

Besides tuition and textbooks, a college student’s money mostly goes toward food. Encourage them to pack lunches and cook meals at home by gifting them appliances for their kitchen and convenient ways to transport everything to and from school.

Start with a coffee machine and a travel coffee mug, cutting out a daily splurge at Starbucks. Other ideas include a panini press, magic bullet blender system and containers to transport food. A college-friendly cookbook is another great idea for a student who might need a little inspiration in the kitchen.

Whether college students rack up miles for their flight home for the holidays or to join their friends for spring break, they spend a good chunk of money on flights and travel. For the next birthday or holiday, gift them airline miles to use when they’re in a pinch to get home for Christmas or to save up for their post-graduation trip to Europe.

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